On a recent trip to London I Was lucky to find, on my first day there, in a second hand bookshop, this novel I had been longing for since a redhaired, Kate Bush lookalike girl recommended it to me. The ones who enjoy challenging readings, stream of conciousness style, will not be disappointed by this masterpiece, that boasts an overwhelming eye for detail as well as an intimidating insight into the characters of the novel and into Clarissa Dalloway in particular. A novel in which not events, but private thoughts, compose a strong and consistent psychological work of art. Let yourself go and flow together with the characters in this book and discover traces of your loneliness, your mental illnesses, nostalgia for the things you did or did not, strangeness and alienation for old flames; "the dead of the soul", when your soul struggles drowning in a subtle war of minds.

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  1. Beautifullll!!! Love it so much!
    Tears down, she´s unique!

  2. Me gustaría volver a leer esa novela. Creo que con el tiempo algunas novelas que leímos de jóvenes se entienden mejor.
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