Satan, God and Man are all one in Peter Hammill's voice, he incarnates the three of them locked in the chamber he is referring to in the title of this record, where he strugles with inner demons, befriends them, becomes them, and offers us a collection of songs of truly difficult access, but which one could inhabit for life once in, granted one is not afraid of the heart of darkness.
A genius in possession of the key to human being's soul, and as said in other words, possessed by Satan, by God.

MARTIN DENNY (1911-2005)

Martin Deeny es el comandante de  su propia aerolínea que nos da la bienvenida en este vuelo con destino a  playas encantadas e islas de prohibición.
El doctor Denny nos ha transportado a un estado primitivo, huyendo del caos de  Nueva York, (su ciudad natal) para despedirse como un naufrago rodeado de mujeres felinas y una música que contacta con lo  primigenio.
En defnitiva, un menú de suculento exotismo.



Too punk (and montypythonesque) a band to be constraint into the punk genre (yes, too punk even to be punk is what I mean), in their fourth studio album they delivered a collection of songs ranging from Norse sagas to genetic engineering, extraterrestrial mafias, baroque bordellos and ambiguous songs about heroin. Regarding the strictly musical (their minds abounding in hard drugs), in came intricate arrangements, futuristic sounds, mindblowing sonic layers, amazing instrumental pasages and lots of epic.
It is no doubt a provocation for the punkrock purists, of the kind we are so fond of in this blog.